God's Art

Monday, August 27, 2012

God is the best artist I know.

Last week I grabbed my camera and drove to Gibson Woods Nature Preserve in Hammond, Indiana. My primary objective was to find butterflies to photograph and I saw a few, but they didn't want to sit still while I took their portraits. I did get some pictures of birds, although they were far enough away that even my telephoto lens had trouble spotting them.

The plant life was another matter. I love taking pictures of plants because they don't run away from the camera. And because plants are some of God's best art.

Consider the first picture. The stems and swirls remind me of a decorative chandelier. (I haven't identified the flower, so if you know what it is, please leave a comment.)

Or how about this tapestry? Unimaginative people might see dead leaves. I see artistry.

And who besides God can sculpture a bird bath out of giant mushrooms clinging to a tree trunk?

I like to think that my photography is art. That I am an artist who sees the possibilities in ordinary subjects and knows how to frame them to achieve a particular effect. But I don't create the subjects, I just photograph them.

God is the master artist, and I am his devoted pupil.


All photographs © 2012 by Kathryn Page Camp.

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Loree Huebner said...

Love this post and your pictures, Kathryn! God certainly has a way with his heaven and nature...

We used to take the kids to Gibson Woods when they were small. Every once in a while, Hubby and I head over for a hike and some birding. Still love to go there.

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