Halloween Creatures

Monday, October 29, 2012

Here's a poem I wrote in keeping with the season.
Halloween Creatures

Wisp of smoke or waterless cloud,
No door can keep it out;
Straight from Hamlet or Macbeth;
A restless, wandering spirit.
See the track upon the ground
As Satan slithers by;
Listen when the rattle sounds,
Avoid the forked tongue.
Sonar guides it through the night,
Its wings spread like a cloak;
Bloody teeth and lapping tongue
Betray its source of food.
Robbed from a grave at midnight
To become an anatomy lesson;
Bones suspended from a hook
Resembling a hangman's noose.
Gloomy barn corner houses a web
Where sits a poisonous predator;
After sex it kills its mate,
Making itself a widow.
Which sinister creature takes the prize
For most creepy and terrifying?
Not ghost, rattlesnake, vampire bat,
Skeleton or black widow spider.
Without costume, make-up, or mask
To enhance or hide its features,
The scariest creature of all
Stares back from my mirror.

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