It's Coming!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Well, Christmas is coming. Advent is already here.

My church usually holds its Christmas concert on the first Sunday in Advent, and this year was no exception. Yesterday afternoon was the first concert under our new choir director, and it went well.

The day before that, the women's ministry held its bi-annual Advent Tea. Volunteers decorate the tables, and the variety is both interesting and fun. That's my contribution in the foreground of the picture.

A lighthouse theme? What do lighthouses have to do with Advent or Christmas? A lot. Advent looks forward to, and Christmas celebrates, the coming of the Light of the World. I wanted the women at my table to make the connection, so I gave them each a laminated copy of my poem, "The Lighthouse," which starts with these words:

A light has come to save the world,
A lowly baby born,
It shines its beam on rocky shoals
From evening until morn.

For the rest of the poem, see my December 26, 2011 post.

Actually, Advent celebrates two separate comings by the same person. The most obvious is the one that happened 2000 years ago when Jesus came in his humility, born in a manger to be our Savior. The other looks forward to the last day when Christ will come again in his glory. Except it won't really be the last day for those who worship him. Instead of the end, it will be the beginning of something so much better than I can imagine.

That's why I say:

Come, Lord Jesus.

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