Accusing Eyes

Monday, February 18, 2013

Last week I mentioned the workshop I presented on poetry as an agent of social change. During the workshop, I asked students to write their own poems about social responsibility. I don't believe in asking others to do what I won't do myself, so I wrote one, too. Actually, I may have cheated a little, because I wrote mine in advance and took time to polish it so I could use it as an example.

Here is my poem.

  Accusing Eyes

Screams wake me
To visions of her eyes.
Haunting eyes
Crying without tears.
Behind thin walls
Mine close in sleep. 
Not my nightmare.
Bruises cover arms
Exposed to summer sun.
Pleading eyes
Stare into mine.
Clumsy, her mother says,
Always bumping into doors.
Not my business.
Sirens wake me
To flashing red lights.
Covered eyes
Carried through corridors.
Accident, her mother says.
Murder, the cops reply.
Not my fault. 

 © 2013 by Kathryn Page Camp

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Peggy Archer said...

Your poem gave me the chills. Especially because I know how true it is. Way too often-- sometimes not ending, but continuing on... You captured it very well.

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