Brighten It Up

Monday, May 20, 2013

One of the nicest things about living in a condo? No yard work.

Roland is happy that he doesn't have to cut the grass, and I'm happy that I don't have to plant flowers. But that doesn't mean we would be happy with a blah exterior.

Although the condo association does a nice job with the landscaping, it doesn't decorate our balcony for us. That's my job, and it's an easy one. I just buy some already-potted flowering plants and set them out. Instant color that brightens up our corner of the building.

Last month we also brightened up our entrance. From the common area inside the building, you look down a long hall and see the door that leads into our condo. When we moved in, the door was flat and tired, and it created the impression that you were in a college dormitory or a cheap motel. After living with it--and hating it--for a year, we finally bought a new door with raised panels and a nautical knocker. It looks much classier.

No matter where I live, there is always something I can do to create a pleasant atmosphere and cheer myself up. It may be as simple as putting flowers on the table or a picture on the wall.

Are your surroundings bringing you down? It takes only a little effort to brighten them--and you--up.

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