Monday, April 21, 2014

I had a busy eight days that included singing in the choir at five services (two on Easter morning). So I’m going to take the lazy way out for this week’s blog post and use a poem that I wrote in 1974. It might have seemed timelier last week but is appropriate all year round. Here it is:
I often wonder if God understands
When I feel deserted and all alone;
But then I remember three sleeping men
As Jesus knelt on the garden’s stone.
And does God understand my anguish
When from life’s cares I want relief?
“Let this cup pass” were my Savior’s words
As He voiced His anguish and His grief.
And sometimes it’s hard to follow God’s will
When He asks for a sacrifice from me;
But Christ was giving so much more
When He followed God’s will to Calvary.
So whenever I wonder if God understands,
I remember Christ’s love for me;
How, because of that love, He has felt what I feel,
As He had His own Gethsemane.
By Kathryn Page (Camp)
The picture of Gethsemane is from a slide taken by my father, Oliver S. Page, in 1957.
The poem is ©1974 by Kathryn Page Camp.

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