Finding the (Almost) Perfect Writing Space

Monday, March 23, 2015

When I was a child, I spent a week at camp every summer. The setting was Presbytery Point in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, surrounded by water and forest. It was a Presbyterian camp, and we were given time to go into the woods or along the shore to do our morning devotions in solitude. I climbed a tree that was quiet and away from everyone else, and I truly felt close to God during that time.

Nature can also provide an inspirational setting for our writing.

I just returned from a conference that was held at McCormick’s Creek State Park in southwest Indiana. I want more time to gather my thoughts before writing about the conference, so I’ll save that for next week’s post.

But the setting was gorgeous. When we had some free time, I hiked to McCormick’s Creek Falls, shown in the picture. The falls were very small but also very picturesque. They were also tranquil, even though there were other people around.

The park would have been the perfect writing spot if the conference had left any time for it.

That’s true of many state and county parks. When the weather warms up, take your pad and pencil and find a quiet spot outside among nature. Then write.

Unfortunately, the rooms in the inn were clean but cramped and the food was below my standards. Food is important to me not just for sustenance but also for enjoyment, so I don’t count any experience as perfect if the food is bad.

But McCormick’s Creek State Park came close.

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