From House to Condo

Monday, April 23, 2012

Although I'm still a homeowner, I no longer own a house. This past Thursday Roland and I went to two closings and transitioned from house owners to condo owners. The actual move will take place this coming Thursday.

We are both happy to give up some of the responsibilities of house ownership, such as mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. And twenty or thirty years from now, when we become less mobile, we won't have to worry about climbing stairs. Those are the two main reasons for the change. Our health isn't an issue yet, but as we get older we will get creakier. It's nice to have matters resolved before they become an emergency.

From my point of view, there are also a few cons to the change. The condo is well-built, and noise from neighbors shouldn't be a concern. In fact, it will probably be quieter than where we are now. But I'm an independent person, and I chafe at the idea of having to ask permission before I can decorate my balcony.We aren't even allowed to put a welcome mat outside our door.

My new office will provide some challenges for furniture placement, but at least I still have a dedicated office. (Roland wouldn't have convinced me to move without one.)

This move has more advantages than disadvantages, but it will be an adjustment.

And this will be a busy week.

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