Move is a Four-Letter Word

Monday, April 30, 2012

We got the keys to the condo late Tuesday afternoon, and I spent all day Wednesday cleaning. Since we had to be out of the house by the end of the day on Thursday, that one day was all the pre-move time I had.

The movers (two trucks and four men) arrived at the house just after 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, and they left the condo about 2:30 p.m. Roland and I were so tired that we unpacked only what we needed to make the condo habitable for the night.

The move went smoothly until we started on my new office. The hall is narrow, and its ceiling is lower than the others are. To get into the room, the movers had to take the furniture halfway down the hall and through a doorway, making a sharp turn in the process. Hard as they tried, they couldn't get my desk, my bookcases, or my reading chair into the office.

It could have been worse. Roland was going to buy a new desk, so now he has mine. He was also going to use the bookcases that had been in our family room. Since they are shorter than the ones from my office and could make it down the hall and around the turn, we ended up switching. Using the family room bookcases in my office means a more awkward floor plan, but I'll make it do. Still, I love the bookcases I had to give up.

I also love my office reading chair, which is now searching for a spot in the living room. I only hope I can find a new one that is narrower but just as comfortable. And yes, I do need a reading chair in my office. (Have you ever tried reading legal cases with the TV blaring in the background?)

The office situation means we will be eating off of TV trays until we buy either a dining table or a new desk and get it delivered and assembled. We gave our dining table to the Salvation Army because we wanted to buy a new one after moving, and we had a folding table to use in the meantime. That table is now my temporary desk.

Then there are all the lamps we've had to buy to make up for the lack of overhead lighting... The boxes that still need unpacking... The new floor plan to adjust to...

Move is a four-letter word, but we'll make it through.


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