Assembly Required

Monday, May 7, 2012

What do my new desk, my condo, and my life have in common? Assembly required.

According to the fourth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary, one definition of assemble is "to fit together the parts or pieces of." And I'm in the middle of that process.

When the movers couldn't get my old desk into my new office, I knew I would have to buy one unassembled. Because I didn't want to increase our already escalating expenses by hiring someone to put the desk together, it had to be simple enough for me to assemble. That meant a smaller L-desk without a file drawer or a hutch. I made up for those deficiencies by purchasing a matching printer stand (with a file drawer) and an expensive Levenger book carousel (which I had been lusting after for years). Each of these pieces required some assembly.

The desk was easy. I put it together in about two hours without help. The book carousel was also easy. All I had to do was drop in the hardware and stack the pre-assembled units.

The printing stand was the hardest, and it didn't help that one of the parts was mislabeled. I asked Roland to lend his muscles a couple of times, but I could have put it together on my own if I had to.

The picture shows the three pieces of my new desk unit. Although the walls look bare now, they will eventually hold a bulletin board, a poster of today's cliches that originated with Shakespeare, and some examples of my photography.

The condo is taking longer to assemble. We ordered new bookshelves for the living room, but two of the bases are on back order. That means only one of the three bookcases is currently usable.

On Thursday, we went to our neighborhood furniture store and ordered a dining table with chairs and a buffet. Now we have to wait four to six weeks for delivery. The same is true for the narrower reading chair, with footstool, that we ordered to replace the one that wouldn't fit into my office. And we can't finish unpacking boxes until we have the other two bookcases and the buffet to put stuff in.

I'm also finding it hard to fit together the parts or pieces of my life. With all the time and energy spent moving, I haven't done any writing lately.

Yes, I need more time to assemble the condo and my life. Still, I know they will come together eventually.

But right now I need to assemble a laundry cart.

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