My Kingdom for a Desk

Monday, January 28, 2013

What makes us wish for things that are beyond our means? I'm perfectly happy with our 34-foot sailboat. Except . . .

I want a dedicated desk.

Roland and I have taken two vacations on Freizeit (one with my brother along), and she also became our temporary home when the remnants of Hurricane Ike flooded us out of our permanent one. So I know we can live on her. And although she's a little cramped to use as a long-term residence, she works fine for our purposes. Except . . .

When I have to move my laptop off the table so we can eat breakfast or dinner.

Stowing it in my laptop bag under the chart table is inconvenient, too. I could use the chart table as my desk, but that table also has other uses, and I would have to move my laptop every time we wanted to lift up the top to get something out of the drawer under it.

So I would love to have a dedicated desk, like the four I saw at the Strictly Sail show in Chicago on Friday. Two were on Beneteaus that are larger than ours, and the others were on Sun Odysseys (also larger). All boats we can't afford and don't need.

Really, I'm fine with the way things are. Not ideal, but workable.

But I can still dream.

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Caroline said...

Dream on, Kathryn. You may get your desk yet! :)

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