Fifty-Nine Years of Inspiration

Monday, June 3, 2013

Yesterday my congregation celebrated David Brandt's retirement after 59 years of service to St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School. But it wasn't just 59 years of service. It was also 59 years of inspiration.

I've only known Dave for 34 of those years, and I never had him as a teacher. But Roland had him twice (for the 2nd and 6th grades), Caroline and John each had him in 6th through 8th grades for English and social studies and as their 8th grade home room and religion teacher, and all three had him for Children's Choir. What a legacy.

Fifty-nine years of inspiration, and all at the same school.

And yes, I do mean inspiration. No teacher has 100% success, and not all of his students have done Mr. Brandt proud. But many more are teachers and musicians and prominent members of their churches and communities. These students remember him fondly and credit him for inspiring them to be their best.

Thank you, Dave, for 59 years of inspiration.

* * * * *

The picture shows Mr. Brandt's second grade class in 1956, when Roland was in it.

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